Gated Community


Anderson Creek Club a gated and guarded community with 24 hour security. Our Guard House also serves as a County Sheriff Sub-Station. Choosing a residency in a gated community is often a great choice for many people. Private, secure neighborhoods offer a long list of benefits—as well as amenities. As such, many individuals who are looking to purchase a new house aim to find one in such a community.

Gated communities are perceived to be safe havens in a world of risk and uncertainty. People believe that there are great benefits to raising a family inside a gated community. Residents in gated communities say they feel more secure. They feel a sense of safety that they never felt when they lived outside the gates. Our Guard House also serve as a County Sheriff Sub-Station.

Another benefit expressed by many residents of gated neighborhoods is the sense of community they generate. This greater community spirit or ‘closeness’ is due in large part to the clear boundaries in place, as well as homeowner associations and other vehicles designed to include members in the social structure of the community.

Besides the lower risk of burglaries, the other major benefit cited by residents is that traffic is limited throughout the neighborhood and they feel safe about letting their children play outside in the neighborhoods. Others also feel that they know their neighbors better and have more of an opportunity to chat with them.

The gates provide a true sense of nostalgia among the residents – they remember a time when life was simpler and being home meant feeling secure. The property values of gated communities are also higher than those outside the walls.

Come inside the gates at Anderson Creek Club….feel welcome, unencumbered by traffic near your home and know that you and your family are in a place where friends, neighbors and the Guards at the Gates, are keeping an eye out for you.

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